We offer a range of interactive and practical training programs to meet the needs of all sizes of organization.  We offer monthly webinars, virtual programs and face to face workshops.  Our current schedule is listed below.   If you have a question about any of our training programs or are looking for custom training give us a call.

Personalities At Work

“That’s just the way he is”. “They don’t get on, it’s just a personality clash”. “ I don’t know how to work with her, we are totally different”. How many times have you heard these phrases or others like them? Understanding different personalities is an important part of being able to work effectively with other people and improve behaviour and performance. In this month’s webinar we will look at the different personalities in the workplace, using the DiSC model as our framework and talk about how to work most effectively with each type. As an optional extra, you can complete the DiSC personality assessment ahead of the webinar and get your own personalized report for a one time charge of $99.95 +HST.
June 18th, 2020 – 1PM NL Time
$45.00 + HST per participant

Do You Trust Me?

Trust is a key foundation in effective relationships and teams but we don’t often stop to think about how we build trust, we just hope it happens. In this month’s webinar we will look at ethree’s GAIN model for building trust and how you can proactively increase trust in your most important relationships.
May 21st, 2020 – 1PM NL Time
$45.00 + HST per participant

Handling Conflict with Less Worry

Conflict is a normal and important part of effective relationships, teams and organizations but for many of us handling ‘conflict’ is a challenge and leads to anxiety and even avoidance. In this month’s webinar we look at our mindset around conflict, different approaches to handling conflict and tips for making conflict productive.
April 23rd, 2020 – 1PM NL Time
$45.00 + HST per participant

What Gets Rewarded Gets Repeated

Effective recognition is a key component in building strong teams and high performing workplaces but there are lots of ways to drive recognition and some challenges that can show up. In this month’s webinar we look at the role that recognition plays in supporting performance and building effective habits and ways to ensure your recognition efforts are appreciated and add value.
February 27th, 2020 at 1:00pm NL time

$45.00 + HST per participant

Supervisory Skills Program

Perfect for busy leaders, this is a 12 week blended program that covers all the key skills you need to be an effective supervisor, such as managing performance, handling conflict, understanding personalities, coaching and more. Participants complete one online module and one webinar each week on a different topic and complete 3 assignments over the duration of the course with personalized feedback,

September 14th, 2020 at 3:30 pm. NL time

$595 + HST per participant

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