HR Health Check

Health Check Strategy

How you handle your people can be a major point of differentiation, especially for small businesses and associations. It can also have legal and financial ramifications.

Our HR Health Check is a review of your people, culture and HR practices to ensure you are set up for success and can avoid the people pitfalls! We use our People Effectiveness model (shown opposite) to explore what you currently have in place and make recommendations on improvements based on your size, maturity and growth plans.

The Process

Assessments are conducted by our Owner and Principal Consultant Jess Chapman who has over 20 years’ experience helping organizations build effective workplaces.


Step 1

We will review documentation to understand your existing processes and practices and will provide a checklist of what to share with us if you have it. 


Step 2

A 90 minute interview with the owner or other appropriate senior stakeholder will be conducted to understand the organization’s strategy.


Step 3

A report will be created based on our findings and recommendations. We understand time and budget are always considerations so we will highlight the top 3 musts.


Step 4

We can then help you implement the recommendations if you’d like us to, but there’s no obligation to use us.


Be both compliant AND brilliant at the people stuff. Get in touch today for your HR Health Check!

HR Health Checks are $2495 + HST. Discounts may apply for some association members.


Fill out the information below and we’ll schedule a free consultation with you. We look forward to hearing from you!