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Balancing the needs of the individual with the needs of the organization

We’ve been in a myriad of client conversations from: “how do we talk about and manage mental health at work?” to “how to work well with someone who seems very different to ourselves” to “how to foster more diversity in our businesses” to “how do we manage a team of partly remote, partly in office?” to “how do we find and keep the talent we need?” While there may be nuances between them, all of these things are related to establishing an inclusive culture.

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Maddie Coombes head shot

Meet the Team: Maddie Coombes

In the second edition of our Meet the Team: 20 Questions blog series, get to know Maddie, ethree’s HR consultant. With a background in HR and a current CPHR candidate, Maddie brings experience in many areas of Human Resources such as, employment relations, recruitment and retention, policy and procedure development and personnel administration.

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