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We work with organizations large and small.

From multinational to start-up, and across a range of industries. The companies that work with us, get it.

They know their people are a source of competitive advantage and that the right people working effectively together can be the difference between success and failure, between average and amazing.

They know that business is about people and relationships – the better your people perform, the better your business performs, and so unlocking the potential of their people is key.

They understand that. They just don’t always know how to do it or how to address some of the bumps along the way.

And so, they call us.

Here’s what our clients have to say about working with ethree and how we can help.

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HeyOrca! Joe Teo, CEO
"Jess and the ethree team have been incredible to work with! They take a genuine interest in our team and always provide recommendations that I feel put our team's interest first. They are extremely knowledgeable in all areas of HR and have been instrumental in helping us build our culture and develop leaders in our organization. You'd be hard-pressed to find another HR team like ethree. They truly feel like an extension of our team."
ACADA, Victoria Belbin, CEO
“The board of ACADA first engaged ethree to help find the right CEO for the organization and ensure that all important cultural fit. As the new CEO I clearly think they did a great job! We have continued to work with ethree as we develop the organization to achieve the future strategy. Ethree help us with aspects such as culture, performance management, appropriate reward, HR issues, evolving policies and so on. They are our go to when we want a sounding board on all things people at work. They are always available to help and I completely trust their support and guidance”
Ocean Supercluster, Rob Barton, CAO
“The team and ethree are our partners in many aspects of HR, helping us to create an effective team and workplace. A key focus for us has been on team and leadership development. Jess has provided support to our leadership team on how we work together, our Managers have attended Elevate, ethree’s leadership development program, and we have regularly scheduled development webinars for the whole team on key topics such as managing change, mental health at work, giving feedback and so on. As we embark on the next phase of the development of the organization, we knew that ethree was the right partner to work with to ensure we continue to evolve our practices and our approach to managing people and culture”
Home Again, Maureen Lymburner, Director of Development
"We would recommend the team at ethree to anyone looking for help and support with any aspect of people at work. Jess, Maddie and the team have helped us to work with our Board and key stakeholders to develop our strategic plan and address the changes that the new plan brings. They have supported us in making decisions on organizational structure and roles and responsibilities, as well as helping us hire the right talent for our future growth. The whole team is really easy to work with and they understand the nuances of our world so we never have to keep explaining how anything works or why ‘standard’ practices might not be the right fit for us as a not for profit organization. Thats a huge plus for us."
Sequence Bio, Chris Gardner, CEO
“Working with ethree has been incredibly easy and natural. Jess quickly understood the way we work and incorporated herself as part of our team. From this perspective, her guidance and influence was integrated as part of our leadership. Human Resources is all about getting the most out of our people and having them work together. ethree brings personality profiling, issue and conflict resolution, and policy development to create efficiency and harmony allowing you to maximize the productivity and engagement of your team. Engaging ethree consulting is not just about problem solving - it is about laying the groundwork to prevent costly and disruptive problems from occurring in the first place.”
Genoa Design, Gina Pecore, CEO
“Genoa has partnered with ethree on countless initiatives and programs throughout the last number of years. We have worked together on executive team development, internal training, curriculum development, consultancy, coaching and e-learning - to name a few. We like to think of ethree as a partner at Genoa that goes well beyond simply working together. In fact, we see ethree as an extension of our team. ethree takes the time to understand your business and the results you're trying to achieve and when we partner on a project or initiative, we are always fully confident that we will get a solution that is tailored to our needs. The team at ethree is reliable, responsive, and gives us the confidence that we will achieve strong outcomes and results through the high quality they deliver in their products and services.”
Reflective Marketing, Krystal Hobbs, Owner & Strategist
“I originally sought out ethree because I was struggling with the direction of my business, and understanding how to use the numbers to make decisions. Over the years, I’ve had a number of challenges where I’ve turned to ethree for guidance, skill development, and support. Hiring Jess/ethree has had a huge impact on my business overall and my personal skills as a leader and business owner. Working with ethree is a dream. Jess can very quickly understand my business and identify the real issue behind the challenge I’m having. She always has the experience and skill to address what I’m going through, and if not, she can pinpoint the next steps I need to take to find the solution. The ethree team is efficient, practical, and strategic, and they are truly invested in my success. Jess and the ethree team are my secret weapon to growing faster and making running a business easier. If I run into any challenge, ethree is my first call. If you need help with people issues in your business or becoming a better leader, you need to work with ethree.”
SucSeed, Emily Bland, SeedEO (CEO)
“Over the past 5 years of working with Jess she has continued to help accelerate me as an enterprise and empower us to build a cohesive team. Jess has the ability to make you feel comfortable with change and embrace it. Since working with her we have a clear direction, motivated team and a leadership team who feel empowered to tackle one of the biggest challenges we face here in the province. Without Jess we would still be spinning our wheels and unsure how to adapt to the challenges of COVID. “ethree is incredible to work with. They care about your team and give you the tools you need to empower you team and accelerate your growth.”

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Principal and Owner
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